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The band Temperd was formed out of members from other bands in the area of bakersfield. Everyone comes from a different style of music background and the ideas and and mentallity meshed together perfectly and produced the heavy sound that stands before you now. We all have the talent to be very complicated in our music writing, but we agreed we wanted to go back to the old school of writing and make it more simple to understand and put it right in fans faces hard and heavy. We also agreed that after many years of playing it was time to quit stressing on playing and have a good time this time around. So our main goal in this is to have a blast at what we do. The only thing we were lacking was a singer to complete the cycle. Then out of the blackness of night shaggy(greg) appeared and without a doubt and showed us he had what we needed. So we immediantly went to work. We threw all the songs except a couple away and started fresh. We went back to our roots and produced what you hear now. And we are having a hell of alot of fun doing it. So to all our freaks out there who jump to our music, thank you cause without you we would be nothing. And everyday we play it just keeps getting better and better. So...................Keep your feet off the ground, your hands and arms flying in the air, jump to the sound and enjoy the ride!

Temperd is...

Vocals Shaggy aka Greg
Bass & Backing Vocals Scott aka Goliath
Guitar Nate
Drums Kevin aka K-D