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Show Information


Phat Fair at Stramler Park. Eight bands are to play. Headlining will be none other then the in your face, hard rocking band Spike 1000, preceded by the band Temperd. Other bands to support are Crooked, J.R. Goldman with Monty Byrom, Spilt Milk, Forcing Bloom(From S.F.), Bad Luck Adam and Notch.

The show will be held at Stramler Park.

The show will start at 3:00 p.m.

Cost: $8.00 in advance and $ 10.00 at the door.

Advanced ticket sales can be purchased at La Mina Resturant at 354 Oak St. and 2180 White Lane in the Walmart Shopping Center, and also at C.C. Brown Yogurt on 4170 California Ave.(Mervyn's Shopping Center) starting May 10, 2002!!!!